Meet our artists and artisans!

Karen Brabender – Mosaic & Glass Artist

About fifteen years ago, I took a class in Mosaic, which started me on my artist journey. I see mosaics all around me; whether it be in nature, or in a crowd of people. For me life is made up of bits and pieces that somehow seem to fit together and make sense. Sunlight through stained glass makes my soul sing. I create mostly from my home studio in Peshtigo, but also enjoy meeting new people and sharing my love for mosaic art through teaching.

Mary Costantino – Painting

I experimented in oils and pastels in when my children were young.  After retiring from teaching nursing, I returned to my passion for painting. My pastel and oil paintings are primarily plein aire landscapes of favorite trips and venues such as South Florida and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

James LaMalfa – Painting

I grew up in Milwaukee, attending UW–Milwaukee and UW-Madison, then received an MA degree in 1960, followed by an MFA in 1961.  After graduation, I taught at a few higher education institutions before being hired by UW-Marinette in 1969, where I taught studio and art history classes for 44 years until retirement.  My specialty is watercolor, though I am fortunate to have contributed many public sculptures on display around Marinette and Menominee.  What I am most proud of, however, are my four children.

Rebecca Kohner McGuire – Painting

I have dabbled in many mediums over the past 70 years, with most satisfaction and success in watercolor and paper maché. I studied art formally at Winona State University but have always expressed myself in drawing, coloring, painting, etc. After winning a “Grand Champion” award in Arizona for a chair I painted for a library fundraiser, I became motivated to paint chairs almost exclusively for the past 15 years. I love salvaging old chairs; they capture my attention and guide my work.

Sherry Millard – Painting

I was a self-taught painter during my high school years. After a 42-year absence of not touching a brush, I took up painting again when I retired in  2016.  I found the new medium of acrylics, which I enjoy working with.  My subject matter of choice is primarily nature: beautiful skies, animals, birds, flowers and the forest floor.  Although my creations can be colorful, they are pale in comparison to the artistry of the Creator of our Universe.  

Dianne Margaret Rose – Painting

Creating is my passion, as with all artists it is within me . . . My love and respect for all living creatures is extremely important to me, the core of my being – this truth leaves my brush and transpires on the canvas. Living in Menominee County, I have much to be inspired by: rural landscapes, barns, trees, sky, birds and animals. Although I have studied Art at University of Wisconsin, I have learned more just “being” and it is no different with my craft.

Glenn Trybom – Painting

I am a local artist from Marinette, WI. I graduated from the Minneapolis School of Art and Design in 2013. In school, I painted figurative/realism work with an emphasis on the figure and movement, and I afterward became interested in people doing their jobs. My work now focuses on depicting these workers in their everyday environment. Urban landscape provides my art with many different pictorial sensibilities including architectural geometry, graphic signage, figures, textures, and even semi-abstract qualities like window reflections and atmosphere.